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Aligning public policy and infrastructure investments with community needs.

CIAC brings together data and research to inform both public policies that support whole communities as well as align investments that build shared infrastructure for the entire region.

Our Programs and Partners


Saint Louis Regional Data Alliance

Saint Louis needs good data to improve the lives of people in our region. We must understand the depth of our community’s needs, the quantity and quality of public and nonprofit resources, and the effectiveness of our investments. No one institution or effort can do this alone — and the impact of connecting information from our region’s many data stakeholders will be far more than the sum of its parts. This recognition drives the creation of the St. Louis Regional Data Alliance, a collaborative governing body that will establish a powerful agenda for how our region can better use data for community change.

A diverse group of 40 leaders from across government, philanthropic, university, and nonprofit organizations helped the RDA kick off its efforts in June 2018. Over the next 18-months, the RDA will build infrastructure to:


Invest STL

Sponsored by the St. Louis Community Foundation, Invest STL is a regional initiative that aligns investment, technical assistance, and community organizations and the residents they serve to build healthy neighborhoods that are thriving, resilient, and livable for everyone. Invest STL supports capacity building with community organizations, community engaged neighborhood planning, and implementation of neighborhood revitalization strategies.


UMSL Anchor Institution Initiative

UMSL participates in the national Higher Education Anchor Mission Initiative comprised of over 30 higher education institutions as a joint project of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities and The Democracy Collaborative. Anchor institutions are place-based entities rooted in their local communities by mission, invested capital, or relationships to customers, employees, and vendors. Anchor institutions apply their long-term, place-based economic power, in combination with their human and intellectual resources, to better the long-term welfare of the communities in which they reside.

As a public land-grant university and one of the largest employers in North County, UMSL serves as a core anchor institution in North St. Louis County. UMSL’s Anchor Institution Committee, comprised of leadership across the university, sets strategy and coordinates UMSL’s anchor institution work. The university’s anchor institution activities are focused in four areas: economic development, education, health and social services, and housing and community development.