Collaboration enables whole communities.

CIAC actively engages individuals and organizations across the region to build strong partnerships and coalitions that advance community health and development.

The St. Louis region needs high-performing community partnerships and coalitions because every outcome that our region desires requires them. Leaders across St. Louis understand that no single organization has ever been able to achieve population-level outcomes on its own, a notion that is backed by practice-based research. From safe neighborhoods to college and career readiness, and from racial equity to addiction-free communities and everything in between, St. Louis is making significant investments in partnership and coalition work to address our most vexing problems.

If St. Louis is going to see the population changes desired, then investments must also be made for the ability of our region’s many community partnerships and coalitions to succeed. This drives the Community Innovation and Action Center’s strategies to support and strengthen community partnerships and coalitions throughout the region. Strategies typically aim to build peer support, skills, and/or infrastructure.